B2B and B2C requirements answered within the same design solution
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Mike Davey, Member/Board of Directors - HRD Antwerp Middle East
UI Design
Project Owner
With its 570 years old inheritance in diamond tradition, HRD Antwerp is a pioneer corporation in diamond grading and certification around the world. They are also known for their detailed online and offline education programs, which prepare the diamond grading industry's successful professionals.
Our goal here in this project was to successfully integrate HRD Antwerp's B2B needs, such as informing clients on diamond certification and education to the website while triggering the first step of B2C sales funnel and creating awareness regarding the diamond certification for end-consumers.
As soon as a client orders a diamond, it goes through detailed audits regarding its various qualities such as cut, color, or clarity. Diamond certificates are produced uniquely for every stone, and they are limited. More importantly, they have a significant impact when it comes to buying decisions of end-users while providing necessary legal requirements in the market. Thus, we created a design solution where HRD Antwerp could easily showcase its services, inform partners, and educate end-users effectively.
How did we do it?
Our detailed market research and user tests on the previous website revealed that the end-user finds it challenging to understand what the diamond certification is and fails to emotionally connect with the brand.

While developing a new information architecture to improve user experience, we needed to make sure that the content strategy aligns with the same goal. So, we created one that could cmmunicate complex processes both to HRD Antwerp's partners and their customers.

To provide an effective solution for the brand's lack of emotional connection, we decided to take inspiration from the diamond industry's very own marketing approach. We took particular consumer insights behind the decision-making process of diamond purchases, such as love and commitment, and we implemented them into our experience design.

We designed additional tools to help users understand the qualities of a certified diamond and how exactly these standards work. By using these tools, users can now experience the differences in various criteria such as cut, color, and clarity in a diamond.
Education tools designed for the future
Besides its diamond certification and grading capabilities, HRD Antwerp provides detailed educational programs and seminars for properly informing end-users and training skilled industry professionals. To properly support this side function, we needed to transfer this excellent education program to online platforms. Thus, we worked on several relevant personas and their potential use-cases and tested every detail until the perfect final product.
Tailor-made for people.