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Serhat Uzunçavdar, Founder
UI Design
Project Owner
Thinkerfox is a software company, data, and planning at its core. They provide end-to-end software solutions for brands' growth, sustainability, and other needs using the latest technology and strategic consultancy.
Our main objective in this project was to design an improved experience for Thinkerfox's primary target audience that is potential clients. Software services for many people are hard to understand, making it also troublesome to define what kind of support service you need. Our aim here was to eliminate this particular pain point while allowing Thinkerfox to reach potential clients more directly. As a young start-up, Thinekrfox's secondary audience was potential teammates. They needed a platform where they can showcase the company culture and way of working to attract the right talent confidently. So, we set this goal as our secondary objective in this project.
We believe once the right goal is set, it is even easier to get there. We have created various user journey maps for our two vital personas, and we defined potential pain points they might come across through user research. After that, we designed the solutions, including a new website and content strategy, to significantly improve the end-user experience.
Wondering how we did it?
We've started our whole process with research and analysis. Our team joined forces with the Thinkerfox brand team and gone through the previous experience, pain points, and consumer insights, and analyzed the data provided. Our initial research revealed that our primary target audience was feeling overwhelmed while trying to determine which software service is right for them.To elevate the experience, we've designed a new information architecture that can enable potential clients to interact with Thinkerfox more easily and feel comfortable doing so. We integrated new interaction tools, including asking for quotes or simply saying hi, into relevant points of their user journey.To develop an experience where every target audience feels included while ensuring every user journey results in improved conversions, we focused our next step to testing. Together with the Thinkerfox brand team, we tested design, color, and content variations. After the testing period, the conversion improvement between our initial concept and our final product proved 40% more effective for both of our audience segments.
Interacting on mobile devices
We designed an excellent mobile experience for our mobile users since the numbers are increasing rapidly in almost any industry. We integrated critical interaction tools designed for desktop experience and usability patterns for mobile devices beautifully while ensuring the design framework stays intact.
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