Simplifying the online decision-making for a medical procedure
UI Design
Project Owner
The Netherlands based Revital Clinical is a medical center specializing in cosmetic surgery, hair plantation, and dental aesthetics. Their mission is to provide a smooth end-to-end experience to all their patients coming from around the world and undergoing surgery.
Our primary goal here in this project was to create a web platform for Revital Clinical that can serve a supporting function not just before the medical operation but after it as well. While doing that, we focused our efforts on developing tools to resolve pain points and build a trusting relationship.
We imagined an experience design to help us gain a competitive advantage in the market and hopefully boost patient conversions while eliminating the pain points that potential patients have toward the decision-making process regarding a medical operation.
Which UX problems did we solve?
Our researchers found out that the female-dominated market conditions make it harder for potential male patients to interact with our brand. To make them feel welcomed, we have developed various user journey maps and customized the design approach for each gender.

Plastic surgery, hair implantation, and dental aesthetics expertise come with a certain amount of disinformation. When it comes to potential patients searching online for details, disinformation equals to doubt and fear when making a decision. To resolve this issue, we've designed a transparent before, during, and after process module for operations on Revital Clinical's website. Patients quickly reached accurate and critical information up to the tiniest detail, such as what to on the last night before surgery and felt safer with us.

Revital Clinical recognized the importance of a patient's full journey, starting with the decision, continuing with travel and operation, and finalized with recovery. So we've designed a guiding function into the web site's information architecture that can resolve different personas' various tendencies. We included all answers necessary for patients from age limitations on operations to recovery durations and even potential surgery marks.
A new perspective on online consultation
We have designed a brand new experience for potential patients with our free online consultation module. Answered by the clinic's medical professionals, this module helped us collecting critical information from patients and shortening the operation procedures. We have supported this module with additional strategic content, such as a photo submission guide for rhinoplasty operations.
Wondering how we do all this? Let us show you.
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